4 Days of Conversations to Catalyze Change for Sustainability
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Pattie Gonia
Activist, Influencer, & Backpacking Queen


Friday, 4/24 @ 12 PM ET
Mobilizing Change: The Panels
A four day series of panels led by global change-makers who are making strides in sustainability at organizations such as NASA, NREL, Arup, Nike, ExxonMobil and more.
Engineering for the Environment
Tuesday, April 21st @ 12 PM ET

Discover the possibilities of engineering positive change with global industry change-makers from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, NREL, Pfizer and NASA.

  • Aysha Mohammad AlRemeithi, Sustainability Engineer at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
  • Jim Reilly, Microgrids Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Paige Persky, Process Engineer at Pfizer
  • Sanjana Paul, Atmospheric Science Software Developer at NASA & Earth Hacks Executive Director
Reinforcing Responsible Sourcing
Wednesday, April 22nd @ 12 PM ET

Get a behind the scenes look at how brands like Fitbit, Nike, and Grounded Upcycling are prioritizing sustainability in their supply chains and new initiatives.

  • Yuna Tae, Responsible Sourcing Specialist at Fitbit
  • Parker Reposa, Founder & CEO at Grounded Upcycling
  • Kevin Yuan, Sustainability and Innovation at Nike
The Future of Energy
Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3 PM ET

Learn about the changing landscape of energy in our evolving world with speakers from IPS, NREL, Momentum, and ExxonMobil.

  • Jim Reilly, Microgrids Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Zachariah Rizk, Project Associate at Momentum: Move Innovation Forward
  • Hannah Capshaw, Solar & Storage Consultant at Independent Power Systems (IPS)
  • Miriam Hegglin, Environmental Engineer at ExxonMobil
Consulting for Climate Change
Thursday, April 23rd @ 12 PM ET

Examine the role and impact of environmental consulting with speakers from Independent Power Systems, Arup, and a Graduate Student of Energy Systems from UC - Davis.

  • Hannah Capshaw, Solar and Storage Consultant at Independent Power Systems (IPS)
  • Sean Copeland, Graduate Sustainability Consultant at Arup
  • Lucas Beslow, Graduate Student of Energy Systems from UC - Davis
Rooting for Global Food Security
Thursday, April 23rd @ 3 PM ET

Join us as we rethink how we grow, share, and consume our food, and discuss local and global food security with speakers from Florida Impact, the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Cardinal Cupboard Food Pantry, and Grounded Upcycling.

  • Shirbrina Jefferson, Public Policy Assistant at Florida Impact
  • David Byrnes, Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Samantha Hudson, Public Coordination Director at Cardinal Cupboard Food Pantry
  • Parker Reposa, Founder & CEO at Grounded Upcycling

Featuring Special Guest: Pattie Gonia

Boots on the Ground:
Turning Your Passion into Action
Friday, April 24th @ 12 PM ET

Join a conversation with activist, influencer, and backpacking queen, Pattie Gonia, and discover how she turned her love for the "Mother Natch" into becoming a household name for outdoor activism and inclusion.

Panel Speakers
Sanjana Paul 
Atmospheric Science Software Developer, NASA
Executive Director, Earth Hacks 
Aysha AlRumaithi
Sustainability Engineer
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
Kevin Yuan
Global Sustainability Manager
Lucas Beslow
Environmental Solutions Consultant
ERM: Environmental Resources Management
Shirbrina Jefferson
Public Policy Assistant 

 Florida Impact
David Byrnes
Patent Examiner

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Hannah Capshaw
Solar and Storage Consultant
Independent Power Systems (IPS)

Jim Reilly
Microgrids Engineer

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Zachariah Rizk
Project Associate
Momentum: Move
Innovation Forward

Miriam Hegglin
Env. Engineer &
Planning Advisor

Yuna Tae
Responsible Sourcing Specialist
Parker Reposa
Founder, CEO
Grounded Upcycling
Sean Copeland
Graduate Sustainability Consultant
Paige Persky
Process Engineer

Samantha Hudson
Public Coordination Director
Cardinal Cupboard Food Pantry
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